Getting to Know Paul MacDonald

What’s your name?

Paul MacDonald.

Where are you from?

Born, raised and live in the wonderful community of little Pond. It is a fishing and farming area that boasts about it’s scenic views.

What’s your favourite part about being a REALTOR®?

The ability to help our clients sell their property or the excitement of when a buyer finds the perfect property that they have been looking for.

What’s your best piece of advice for Buyers?

Be open to what a property’s potential could be, don’t just look at the property and because it’s not “exactly” what you expected it to be dismiss it and put it out of your mind. Keep your options open and flexible.

What about your best piece of advice for Sellers?

If they are selling their current home, my question to them would be to, “are you ready to do this?” because it could take very little time to have a buyer for your property and where do you plan to go if it happens?

When you’re not doing real estate, what are you doing?

My girls would answer that by saying cutting grass in the summer or out in the barn fixing or building something during the winter.